Thick Swirls Take Over: A Look at the New Slurpee Transformation by Safari Sundays

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Prepare for an extraordinary delight as America’s all-time favorite ice beverage undergoes a remarkable transformation, just in time for the annual celebration when we savor the free slurpee on July 11th at none other than the beloved convenience store, 7-Eleven. Safari Sundays was entrusted with the monumental task to bring new life into this iconic treat with a fresh and vibrant approach.

Since its inception in 1966, Slurpee has left an indelible mark in the realm of frozen beverages as a cherished staple for 7-Eleven. Over the years, Slurpee has seamlessly tapped into popular culture by collaborating with limited edition cups, featuring everyone from The Simpsons to Marvel characters. Slurpee is taking its identity to an entirely new level by establishing itself as a collectible brand in its own right, an innovative approach that promises to elevate the Slurpee experience.

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing swirl that defines the Slurpee, Safari Sundays has ingeniously infused the beverage’s appearance with youthful vigor and charm. The centerpiece is the captivating “S” in Slurpee, now magnificently adorned with a myriad of animated elements and innovative treatments that bring it to life in the most enchanting ways.

Taking it a step further, the elements of the brand are seen on merch (we all love merch!), way finding, POS, and other components.

“To go bigger, bolder, wilder, freer and more, more, more… More energizing, with the colors of electric, jolting joy. More boldness, with the presence of an enormous S drawn from the youthful, swervy, curvy, ultra-smooth feeling of the literal material. More freedom to use the logotype and supporting framing devices to overtake and celebrate authentic SLURPEE moments. More amazing character, with an actual mascot that lives inside the S and exemplifies our mischievious, inner hunger for a SLURPEE in every hand (in it’s case: four hands/arms and no legs). Finally, more voice, with a tagline that can inspire not only big creative ideas, but the original SLURPEE Day itself: FILL FREELY.” —via Safari Sundays

Posted inBranding & Identity Design