Two NYC Pride Fonts Invoke One Powerful History and Infinite Hopes for the Future

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Can something embody both a legacy and the future? NYC Pride’s new brand identity does just that. Heritage of Pride’s brand identity, created in partnership between Lippincott and Monotype, features the Gotham® and Knockout® typefaces from NYC-based Hoefler&Co®., now part of the Monotype Library. In choosing two typefaces to represent NYC Pride, Heritage of Pride can translate the history of the forty-six years between Stonewall and The Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, with an eye toward a future without discrimination.

Gotham listens. Knockout is heard

Knockout asserts its mission. Gotham opens its arms. 

Knockout keeps fighting. Gotham smiles in friendship.

Gotham and Knockout share space, continuing the conversation. The paired typefaces are absolute in their purpose, yet open to the possibilities, coming together for a new era of advocacy and activism.

Knockout and Gotham are ideal choices to help tell the story of NYC Pride’s history and mission of inclusivity while conveying that it’s more than just an annual celebration—it’s a year-round commitment to equality.

Sara Soskolne, Creative Type Director at Monotype

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Heritage of Pride brand identity for NYC Pride bracelets
Heritage of Pride brand identity for NYC Pride, taxi banner
Heritage of Pride brand identity for NYC Pride, mobile
Heritage of Pride brand identity for NYC Pride, outdoor