You Wanna Be My (Type) Lover?

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Every year, Studio Hinrichs creates a monthly calendar for type lovers. Hinrichs celebrates the classic fonts that have shaped the world of typography and introduces typefaces created by brand new designers looking to impact the world of type and design.

This calendar—which you can purchase on Amazon—celebrates the aesthetic and sculptural qualities of different letterforms.

For many calendar years, Hinrichs chose to print on the best printing paper in the market—Sappi McCoy. It provides a consistent, beautiful bright white printing surface—every time. Offering a powerful, luminous, and one-of-a-kind finish, McCoy creates an experience that lasts. It’s the paper chosen by leading brands every day of the year.

With its simple design, this calendar lets us ponder a font for a full month. And why would we do that? Because the beauty of type, like paper, is often overlooked. We sometimes see the words but miss the details, variety, and emotional richness of the typeface itself, even in a perfectly executed project. Our experience with paper can be like that, too. We see the images, type, and color but can miss paying attention to the hand, the heft, and the haptics of a paper surface that makes our fingers as happy as type makes our eyes.

At past live events and conferences, Sappi would gift these calendars to lucky attendees. This year, they want to make a virtual experience as gratifying as an in-person experience. So, they are happy to help you celebrate every day (except Blursday, no need to celebrate that) with your very own copy of this coveted calendar. Sappi is offering this beautiful calendar to the first 200 PRINT readers who sign up to receive a copy of the 12 x 18 calendar featuring all the fonts, designed in San Francisco, printed in Canada on paper made in Minnesota—Sappi McCoy.